Enzyme Masks Skin Treatment

 $45 per session

In skin care, An effective enzyme treatment safely brings Immediate radiance and clarity to the skin by helping to release dead skin cells and surface debris. Enzyme treatments may be performed on all skin types, either alone or as part of a comprehensive program.  Circadia blends three different types of enzymes in each product, bromelain, papain and trypsin into our Cocoa, Raspberry and citrus Zymase treatments. This ensures a safe, uniform exfoliating treatment proving multiple benefits, without redness or flaking.


Is there anyone who doesn’t feel better after a little chocolate? Therapeutically,
cocoa contains over 100 useful components to enhance health and the Skin’s appearance. This is a delightful treatment with soothing and calming properties. This treatment is excellent for use on sensitive skin, rosacia and acne. It calms redness while gently exfoliating.


This raspberry-enhanced enzyme has a light and refreshing berry scent.
It provides multiple benefits for sun-damaged skin and hyper-pigmentation


This citrus enzyme is the strongest of the three enzymes. It is especially effective on photo-damaged and thicker skin types. A light citrus scent rounds out this effective exfoliating treatment.

Circadia Enzymes cannot be used on individuals:
– Using Accutane or medication causing skin sensitivity
– Allergic to pineapple, papaya, cocoa, raspberry or citrus fruits
– Sunburned skin